Supernova Patch Notes - 7.2.1

Posted on: November, 17, 2017





Supernova 7.2.0 - Live Now

Posted on: September, 20, 2017

Update your Clients!

Supernova 7.0.1 - Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Posted on: June, 05, 2017

Something wicked this way comes!

A boss that's terrorized Vana'diel for ages has finally come to Supernova! Absolute Virtue is on its way!

Emergency Hardware Maintenance Complete

Posted on: April, 27, 2017

The new server hardware is up and running! Thanks for hanging with us while we resolved the issue.

Supernova Emergency Maintenance

Posted on: April, 19, 2017

Supernova is currently offline due to emergency hardware maintenance.

Please bear with us while we verify current hardware status and work to resolve the issue. We will be updating via Discord, Facebook, and our online presence here.

The Management

Supernova FFXI Patch Update 5.6.0

Posted on: January, 21, 2017

This version requires a client update. Please see our update guide on the wiki!

Patch Notes

Supernova Specific Notes





Quests and Missions



Supernova is back online!

Posted on: January, 12, 2017

Hi All, we've resumed normally scheduled services. The website has also had a slight alteration to deliver our service status faster.

Unscheduled Downtime

Posted on: January, 06, 2017

Hello Supernovians!

We've just hit a major series of failures that have the main game server out of commission until late Sunday evening or more.

Until then, the GM staff is bringing our development server online for you to play. More details to follow.


The test sever is now up with some abyssea content. Please use instead of as your login IP address in windower to access.

All Supernovians with accounts prior to Feb 2016 can use the current login info, all Supernovians with accounts newer will need to make a new account.

All GM commands are available so you can quickly level y ourself up and add gear.

As a reminder, no progress will be saved from the test server.

A New Years Eve Eve Update!

Posted on: December, 30, 2016

Hello Supernova!

A new patch is required for download!

Please follow the update procedure as listed in the wiki page!

Patch Notes 12-30-16










Welcome to Supernova FFXI!

Posted on: December, 23, 2016

Hello Supernovians!

This is the official launch of!

As of today, all installation, news information, and server status will be stored here for easy access and viewing along with our Facebook and Discord information. As this is a V1.0 Launch, expect more features and updates coming in the future. We'll be slowly re-organizing our forums and wiki site and merging them here with our main site. As for now, we've got a brand new feature in store so you'll never need to update your login IP address again! We've now transitioned to a new domain based login service. From now on you can log into the game via

Most of all though, we'd like to extend a special thanks to our staff.

Development Team:

Novah: Server Owner, Content Design, Lead Developer, Admin GM
Korietsu: Lead Web Developer, Lead Developer, Admin GM
Bope: Lead Developer, Admin GM
Keshdr: Lead Developer, Lead GM
Evaan: Devloper, Lead GM
Brownies: Developer, Lead GM
Estvan: Developer, Lead GM
Wren: Developer, Lead GM
Brierre: Developer, Lead GM.

GM Team:

Conflictz: Senior GM
Laerion: Senior GM
Lysander: Senior GM
Sarx: Senior GM
Shemc: Senior GM
Skadi: Senior GM
Snuggles: Senior GM
Suricatta: Senior GM
Talith: Senior GM
Aerec: GM
Bone: GM
Brumack: GM
Cannedsoup: GM
Cryses: GM
Detroit: GM
Elanna: GM
Incarnate:: GM
Jojo: GM
Maxpom: GM
Seijiro: GM
Yufiey: GM
Zardus: GM